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HEXFET vs MOSFET | difference between HEXFET and MOSFET

This page compares HEXFET vs MOSFET and mentions difference between HEXFET and MOSFET.


MOSFET structure and symbol

The full form of MOSFET is Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor. Figure-1 depicts 600 Volt SJ-MOSFET structure and circuit symbol.
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HEXFET structure

HEXFET is trademark of power MOSFET developed by International Rectifier. The HEXFET structure is shown in the figure-2. As shown silicon oxide layer between gate and source regions can be punctured by exceeding its dielectric strength. The symbol is same as power MOSFET as shown in the figure-1. It is a voltage controlled power MOSFET device.

When voltage is being applied between Gate and Source terminals, E-field is setup within HEXFET device. This electric field inverts the channel from P to N such that current can flow from Drain to Source in un-interrupted sequence of N-type silicon.

FETs can be of two types viz. enhancement mode and depletion mode. Enhancement mode devices require gate voltage of same sign as drain voltage in order to pass the current. Depletion mode devices are usually ON and are turned OFF by Gate voltage of same polarity as drain voltage.

Following points differentiate HEXFET from MOSFET devices.
➨All HEXFET® devices are enhancement mode devices.
➨As mentioned HEXFET® is trademark of International Rectifier.
➨Gate to source voltage of most of the HEXFET devices are between 10 and 30 V.
➨Example: IRF540 is HEXFET device and IRL540 is MOSFET device.

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