GIS data vs Geodatabase dataset | Difference between GIS data and Geodatabase dataset

This page compares GIS data vs Geodatabase dataset and mentions difference between GIS data and Geodatabase dataset. GIS stands for Geographical Information System. The term Geodatabase is made using Geo meaning spatial and database meaning RDBMS.

GIS | Geographical Information System

GIS-Geographical Information System

• It is business information management system which helps to capture, analyze and represent spatial information on a map.
• It allows us to make better decisions based on geography.
• The data viewing on this digital map is easier than spreadsheets.
• GIS software runs on computers ranging from powerful server to software on the mobile phone.
• GIS tools help to visualize geographic data as maps, graphs or charts. Hence patterns and trends can easily be identified unlike spreadsheets.
• The functions of GIS (Geographical Information System) include data entry, data display, data management, information retrieval and analysis.
• A data model in GIS is mathematical construct which represents geographical objects or surfaces as data.
• There are three common representations of spatial data used in GIS viz. vector, raster and triangulated. Each of these are used for particular kinds of information and their analysis.
• GIS is one of the form of geospatial technology. The other examples include GPS, satellite remote sensing and geofencing. Refer GIS basics and its benefits >> for more information.


Geodatabase life cycle

• The ESRI® ArcGIS® applications (such as ArcMapTM , ArcCatalogTM and ArcToolboxTM) work with geodatabases as well as with coverages and shapefiles.
• It is made of two words "geo" meaning spatial and database which refers to RDBMS (Relational Database Management System).
• It is basically native data storage and data management framework for ArcGIS.
• It acts as organizational tool to store and manage the data.
• It is gateway to advanced GIS capabilities.
•  Refer advantages and disadvantages of Geodatabase >>

Difference between GIS data and Geodatabase dataset

Following table mentions difference between GIS data and Geodatabase datasets.

GIS data Geodatabase dataset
Coverage Feature dataset containing feature classes
Shapefile Feature class
Raster data (e.g. satellite images, air photos, scanned maps, and digital pictures). Raster dataset and/or raster catalog
CAD data Feature dataset containing feature classes
Surface modeling or 3D data Terrain
Utility network data (e.g. water systems, gas pipelines, and telecom networks). Geometric network
Transportation network data (e.g. street networks) Network dataset
GPS coordinates Table of x, y coordinates that can be generated into a feature class
Survey measurements Cadastral fabric

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