This page describes EVDO basics,types and features of EVDO Rev. 0, EVDO Rev. A and EVDO Rev. B. EV-DO stands for Evolution-Data only and EVDV stands for evolution data and voice.1x refers to same RF bandwidth as used in IS-95 standard. 1x also means 1xRTT or 1 times Radio Transmission Technology.

EV-DO was the 1st High Speed broadband standard for mobile communication in the world.

EV-DO Rev.0 was first introduced mobile user experienced about 400-600 Kbps of avg. downlink throughput. It provides about 4 to 10 times faster than data rate compare to CDMA-2000 version.

EV-DO Revision-A features

- EVDO Rev. A does improvement in both uplink and downlink performance
- Increase in the capacity
- Low latency application support for example VOIP(About 49 calls/sector), video telephony & games
- 3.1 MBPS peak data rate on the downlink(DL) and 1.8 MBPS peak data rate on the uplink(UL)
- Lower end to end call connection delay

EV-DO Revision-B features

- With EV-DO Rev. B one can achieve higher data rates compare to Rev. A
- Support for multiple carriers
- Improvement in performance on cell boundary

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