EMI Antennas-Biconical Antenna,Broadband antenna,Log Periodic antenna

This page covers basics of EMI antennas viz. Biconical Antenna,Broadband antenna and Log Periodic antenna. Biconical Antenna, Broadband antenna and Log Periodic antenna are used for EMI testing.

As we know EMI is the short form of Electro-Magnetic Interference. The EMI testing involves both interference and susceptibility tests. Interference tests involves testing of other nearby wireless systems with respect to system under manufacturing when powered on. The system under development should not radiate unwanted EM waves. In order to avoid such leakages, EMI filters as well as proper shielding materials are used during design and manufacturing.

Susceptibility (i.e. Immunity) involves robustness of system under manufacturing against any EM radiation from nearby wireless systems such as cellular towers or Base Stations or Wireless Access Points.

Following mentioned EMI Antennas are used for above mentioned EMI tests. These antennas are used for commercial radiated emission measurements. Refer EMI and EMC vendors for more information on EMI and EMC related stuff.

Biconical Antenna

Biconical antenna

The figure-1 depicts Biconical Antenna. It is used for frequency range from 30 MHz to 300 MHz.
Refer Bicone Antenna➤ for more information.

Broadband Antenna

Broadband antenna

The figure-2 depicts Broadband Antenna. It is used for frequency range from 30 MHz to 1000 MHz.

Log Periodic Antenna used as EMI antenna

Log Periodic antenna used for EMI

The figure-3 depicts Log Periodic Antenna. It is used for frequency range from 200 MHz to 1000 MHz.
Refer types of antenna➤ for more information on Log Periodic Antenna and other types of antennas used for various applications.

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