Difference between Dual Junction Isolator and Dual Junction Circulator | Dual Junction Isolator Vs Dual Junction Circulator

This page compares Dual Junction Isolator Vs Dual Junction Circulator and mentions difference between Dual Junction Isolator and Dual Junction Circulator.

We know that Circulator is a 3 port device as shown in the figure-1 below. Here input and output is available between the adjacent ports viz. input at port-1 will give output at port-2 and so on. It works either clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Y Junction circulator symbol

As we know, if any one port of circulator is terminated with load, it acts as isolator. We know that the device isolator protects sensitive test and measurement equipments such as signal generators and signal analyzers from undesired reflections. If the isolation is poor, reverse reflections from output will damage the transmitter or signal generator.

Dual Junction Circulator Working

Typically dual junction circulator or isolator will have more isolation compare to 3 port circulator/isolator. Hence it provides better protection. Dual Junction circulator/Isolator is 4 port device as shown. Additional port provides additional isolation. This is shown in the figure-2.

Dual Junction Circulator

Dual Junction Circulator

The figure-3 depicts Dual Junction Circulator from DiTom Microwave Inc. USA.

Dual Junction Isolator

Dual Junction Isolator

The figure-4 depicts Dual Junction Isolator from DiTom Microwave Inc. USA.

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