Dry Cell vs Wet Cell-Difference between Dry Cell and Wet Cell

This page compares Dry Cell vs Wet Cell and mentions difference between Dry Cell and Wet Cell.

• An electrochemical cell which has low moisture electrochemical electrolyte is known as dry cell. Hence dry cells are less prone to leakage. Due to this reason dry cells are used for most of the portable applications.
• An electro-chemical cell which has liquid electrolyte is known as wet cell. The wet cells are used as energy source for motor vehicles and cars.

Dry Cell vs Wet Cell

The figure-1 depicts Dry Cell and Wet Cell. Following table describes difference between Dry Cell and Wet Cell.

Specifications Dry Cell Wet Cell
Size They are small. They are large.
Electrolyte type They are mostly solids. They are liquids.
Voltage rating Available in 1.25V to 1.5V range. Available in higher voltages i.e. 12V and 15V etc.
Leakage There is no leakage of chemicals. Corrosive chemicals have characteristics to leak.
Handling It is easy to handle. It is difficult to handle.
Cost It is more expensive. It is less expensive.
Manufacturing It is difficult to manufacture. It is easy to manufacture.
Overcharging It can not withstand overcharging. It can withstand overcharging.
Life They do not have long life. They have long life.
Maintenance It does not require periodic maintenance. It requires periodic maintenance.
Temperature Effect The performance of dry cell varies with the temperature. They are not much sensitive to temperature.


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