Window AC vs Split AC-Difference between Window AC,Split AC

This page compares Window AC vs Split AC and mentions difference between Window AC and Split AC.

AC stands for Air Conditioner. It helps in removing heat and moisture from interior of occupied space in order to improve comfort level of the occupants. It basically cools the area or bring down the temperature as per user setting. There are two main types of AC viz. window AC and Split AC.

Both window AC and Split AC are used for air conditioning purpose. They both require electricity for their operation. Both of them require equal power for operation.

The popular AC manufacturers include Voltas, LG, Carrier and Sumsung. The other manufacturers are Hitachi, Midea, Micromax, Lloyd etc. Following points summarize difference between window AC and split AC.

Window AC

Window AC system

• It is available as single part or unit.
• Hence window AC requires installation at single place. This minimizes space requirements.
• Window AC places both cooling unit and exhaust unit at single location.
• It is more noisy.
• Window AC is suitable for small premises.
• Window AC requires no professional skills to install. It is very easy.
• Window AC is smaller in size.
• It is easy to relocate.
• It is cheaper.

Split AC

Split AC system

• It is available as two parts or units.
• Hence Split AC requires installation at two places. This requires more space.
• In split AC system, cooling unit is placed inside the room and exhaust unit is placed outside of the room.
• It is less noisy.
• Split AC is suitable for big premises.
• Split AC requires professional skills to install.
• Split AC is bigger in size.
• It is difficult to relocate.
• It is costlier.

AC (Air Conditioner) falls under HVAC system. Due to advancement in HVAC software there are numerous benefits of HVAC software >> which are available today for the users. Moreover IoT (Internet of Things) makes it possible to control the AC using advanced wireless technologies without much efforts unlike previous non-IoT AC systems.

Conclusion: For higher efficiency, split AC is preferred over window AC but at the cost of price. Now-a-days IoT compliant ACs are also available in the market which support enhanced features compare to non-IoT AC systems.

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