VGA vs SVGA | Difference between VGA and SVGA connector cables

This page compares VGA vs SVGA and mentions difference between VGA and SVGA connector cables.

These are used as monitor display standards. Monitor is the most used output device on computer. There are different types of monitors such as CRT, LCD, LED etc. Monitor specifications are decided based on size, resolution, refresh rate and dot pitch requirements of the users based on applications. It is resolution which decides sharpness and clarity of the image on monitor. Monitor resolution is deteremined by number of pixels on the screen (in the form of matrix).

VGA | Video Graphics Array

VGA connector

• It was developed by IBM initially.
• It is used as display standard used to transmit analog signal.
• The VGA connector has 15 pin with D-subminiature connector.
• Resolution is about 640 x 480.
• 256 KB video RAM
• 16 color and 256 color paletted display modes.
• Selectable 25.175 Mz or 28.322 MHz master clock
• Maximum 800 horizontal pixels
• Maximum 600 lines
• Refresh rates of up to 70 Hz (usually 60 Hz)
• Vetical black interrupt
• Planar mode : up to 16 colors (4 bit planes)
• Packed pixel mode : 256 colors (Mode 13h)

The following table mentions VGA connector pin out description.

VGA connector pin out
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SVGA | Super Video Graphics Array

SVGA connector

• It was developed by NEC initially.
• It is extension of VGA.
• SVGA monitors can display 256 simultaneous colors or 16 million colors.
• It supports resolution of 800 x 600 on 14-inch monitor and 1200 x 1600 resolution on 20 inch monitor.
• It is being phased out by DVI (Digital Visual Interface) technology based monitors. DVI is digital interface which connects video source (i.e. display controller) to display device such as monitor.

The following table mentions SVGA connector pin out description.

SVGA connector pin out
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Difference between VGA and SVGA

Following table summarizes major difference between VGA and SVGA connectors. As mentioned above, SVGA supports more colors with higher resolution compare to VGA.

Features VGA SVGA
Full form of the term Video Graphics Array Super Video Graphics Array
Application Used for small resolution video and image files Used for large resolution video and image files
Resolution 640 x 480 (Max.) 1024 x 760 (Max.)
Memory Up to 256K Up to 1024K
Additional memory Not included Included


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