Difference between Oxygen cylinder and Oxygen Concentrator

This page compares Oxygen cylinder vs Oxygen Concentrator and mentions difference between Oxygen cylinder and Oxygen Concentrator.

Following table mentions comparison between Oxygen cylinder and Oxygen Concentrator.

Features Oxygen cylinder Oxygen concentrator
• Capital Cost Low High
• Running Cost High (Usually when leakage is significant) Low (When power is inexpensive), High (When power is expensive)
• Ease of use Some training is needed to operate it. Considerable training is needed to use.
• Reliability Good Good to better, depends on models and their manufacturers
• Physical robustness Good Fair
• Regular maintenance Required Required
• Repairs Requires for regulators in order to minimize leakage. Maintenance staff require specialized training to maintain it and repair it when needed.
• Electricity Not required Required
• Continuity of O2 delivery Liable to run out based on usage Good as long as input power is available.
• Portability Poor for large cylinders Good

➨Reference : WHO Handbook on "acute respiratory infections programme oxygen"

Oxygen Concentrator
Figure-2 : Oxygen Concentrator

➨Refer advantages and disadvantages of O2 concentrator >> with respect to oxygen cylinder (O2 cylinder) and working of oxygen concentrator with its technical features.

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