MCL vs MPL | Difference between MCL and MPL

This page compares MCL (Maximum Coupling Loss) vs MPL (Maximum Path Loss) and mentions difference between MCL and MPL terms used in cellular IoT (Internet of Things).

MCL | Maximum Coupling Loss

• MCL is defined as maximum loss in conducted power level.
• System can tolerate such loss without any issues in its operation.
• MCL is calculated as difference between conducted power levels measured at transmitter antenna port and receiver antenna port.
• MCL is chosen by 3GPP as metric to evaluate coverage enhancements.


MPL | Maximum Path Loss

• MPL is defined by loss in the signal path of radiated power from transmitter to the receiver.
• The factors inducing loss are propagation loss, building penetration loss, distance dependant etc.
• MPL is calculated as difference between measured radiated power level at transmitter and one measured at receiver antenna.
• Transmitter and receiver antenna gains are considered for MPL calculation.

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