Crystal vs Resonator | Difference between Crystal and Resonator

This page compares Crystal vs Resonator and mentions difference between Crystal and Resonator. Both of these devices are used as clock sources.

Specifications Crystal Resonator
tolerance limit Crystals have tolerance of about 30 to 50 ppm. Resonators have tolerance of about 1%.
Accuracy They offer more accuracy. They offer less accuracy.
Temperature Stability Crystals are available with temperature stability of about 0.005 percent. Resonators are available with temperature stability of about 0.1 percent.
Sensitivity highly sensitive not much sensitive
Size They are large in size. They are smaller in size compare to crystals.
Manufacturing Crystals are difficult to manufacture. Resonators are easy to manufacture.
Cost Crystals have high cost. Resonators have less cost.
ESD tolerance They support low ESD tolerance. They support high ESD tolerance.
Tolerance against shock and vibration Less High
Usefulness in time keeping devices Crytals are used in RTC, wall clocks and time keeping machines. Resonators are not suitable for this applications.

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