What is cicret bracelet,components,How cicret bracelet works

This page describes cicret bracelet basics including components used in making of cicret bracelet. It also mentions how cicret bracelet works.

The Cicret Bracelet is the device which one can wear on the wrist and can do everything which can be done on tablet or on smartphone but this time directly on skin itself rather than on the device. The device is developed and distributed by company called cicret and hence the name.

The actual device can be kept anywhere within the range of bluetooth or wifi. With Cicret Bracelet one can do everything as follow.
• checking of mails and replying while taking bath
• reading news while waiting at railway stations
• going through the maps while driving or riding
• playing games
• checking the temperature or weather
• Stay connected on social media
• receiving the call while sitting at a distance from the actual physical device i.e. smartphone. The receiving of call on the arm is shown in the figure-1.

It is available in two sizes with memory options of 16GB and 32GB. It is available in 10 different colors. The pricing of Cicret Bracelet is about $250.

How cicret bracelet works

How cicret bracelet works

Let us understand how Cicret Bracelet works.
➨The Cicret Bracelet uses pico projector which projects smartphone interface on your arm itself.
➨When user put finger on the interface, he/she stops or blocks one of the 8 long range proximity sensor as shown in the figure-2.

Cicret Bracelet sensors

➨The sensor sends the information back to the processor which is in the Cicret Bracelet.
➨The Cicret Bracelet uses wireless technologies such as bluetooth low energy or wifi in order to communicate with actual physical smartphone or tablet device.

Cicret Bracelet Components

Cicret Bracelet Components

Following table mentions Cicret Bracelet Components with functions of each.

Cicret Bracelet Components Functional description
Accelerometer Accelerometer working
Proximity Sensor Proximity Sensor working
Pico Projector Uses to project the smartphone or tablet interface on the arm skin.
Bluetooth Low Energy Bluetooth Low Energy
WiFi component WiFi vs Bluetooth
Processor The chip processes the information as done by the user on the smartphone interface.
Memory card It is used to store the information which are also available on the smartphone device.
Vibrator This component is used to provide alerts to the user.
Micro USB port Used to charge the battery of the Cicret Bracelet.
LED Used to sense the action of user and direct it to the proximity sensors.
Battery Provides charge to the battery.
Snap Button Can be used to make it on or off.

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