Backward Wave Oscillator vs TWT-Difference between BWO and TWT

This page on Backward Wave Oscillator(BWO) vs TWT provides difference between Backward Wave Oscillator(BWO) and TWT. The link to difference between terms such as TWT vs Klystron are also provided here. BWO is also known as Carcinotron.

Backward Wave Oscillator-BWO or Carcinotron

Carcinotron,Backward Wave Oscillator,BWO

The BWOs or Carcinotrons are also TWT type of oscillators in which they interact with an EM wave supported by the structure as shown in the figure. The figure is derived from wikimedia commons.

The difference betwen BWO and TWT is that, in Backward Wave Oscillator electron beam and electro-magnetic wave propagate in the opposite directions. In BWO RF power is extracted at the output port located near the gun.

The main benefits of BWO are its electronic tuning range and its in-sensitivities to the load variations. These facts have driven the development of this type of microwave tube as a millimeter wave source. BWO is most powerful and reliable wave generator which supports radio frequencies of up to 130 GHz.
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TWT-Travelling Wave Tube

As mentioned TWT refers to Travelling Wave Tube. It is one of the structure used as microwave rf power amplifier. It is used for high power amplification. Refer microwave tubes which explains klystron, TWT and Magnetron. Also refer TWT vs Klystron which explains difference between TWT and Klystron. RF Wireless World provides useful calculators for the need of the enthusiasts. Refer TWT calculator which helps to calculate TWT Gain by entering useful TWT parameters.

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