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B-AMC (Broadband Aeronautical Multi-carrier Communication)

B-AMC stands for Broadband Aeronautical Multi-carrier Communication. It is proposed technology for L-DACS (L-band digital aeronautical communication system). It is based on VHF frequency and similar to MC-CDMA concepts.

B-AMC spectrum lies n between two DME channels of 1MHz bandwidth each. B-AMC has spectrum bandwidth of 500KHz. All the specifications for the proposed syste are summerized below in the table. It uses OFDM modulation technique. Forward link is used for transmissions from Ground Staion to the Aircraft Stations while Reverse link is used for transmissions from Aircraft stations to the Ground Staion.

Specifications B-AMC support
Effective bandwidth 500KHz for both forward and reverse link
Subcarrier spacing 10.416KHz
Used subcarrier 48 total
FFT/DFT size 64
Sampling interval 1.5 µS
Sampling frequency 666.6KHz
OFDM symbol duration 96µS
Cyclic prerix 24µS
Total OFDM symbol duration 120 µS
Number of OFDM symbols per frame 54
Data OFDM symbols per frame 48 in the forward link and 50 in the reverse link
OFDM frame duration 6.48ms


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