Advantages and disadvantages of Circuit Switching type

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of circuit switching (CS) type. It mentions circuit switching advantages or benefits and circuit switching disadvantages or drawbacks. It provides links on difference between circuit switching and packet switching.

What is Circuit Switching?

The network in which dedicated channel (or circuit) is established between the calling and called users before the conversation between them. Moreover the channel is reserved between the users till the connection is active. The classic example of circuit switched network is telephone system in which links or wires or frequencies are available between the users of the system for each call.

circuit switching(CS) vs packet switching(PS) fig1

For half duplex communication, one channel is allocated and for full duplex communication, two channels are allocated. The circuit switching network is mainly used for voice communication which requires real time services without any much delay. The network requires only call set up delay before the conversation. Overload or high traffic on the network may lead to blockage of calls or dropped calls. It reserves fixed bandwidth for the call conversation to take place.
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Benefits or advantages of circuit switching

Following are the benefits or advantages of circuit switching type:
➨As there is very less delay for the call to be established and also during the conversation, the circuit switching network is widely used for realtime voice services throughtout the world since years. There is almost no waiting time at voice switches used for the call.
➨It will have realistic voice communication and consecutively speaking persons are easily identified due to higher sampling rates used.
➨Once the connection is established between two parties, it will be available till end of the conversation. This guarantees reliable connection in terms of constant data rate and availability of resources (Bandwidth, channels etc.). Hence it is used for long distance and long duration calls without any sort of tiredness.
➨No loss of packets or out of order packets here as this is connection oriented network unlike packet switched network.
➨The forwarding of information is based on time or frequency slot assignments and hence there is no need to examine the header as in the case of packet switching network. As there is no header requirement, there is low overhead in circuit switching network.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of circuit switching

Following are the disadvantages of circuit switching type:
➨As is it designed for voice traffic, it is not suitable for data transmission.
➨The channels and bandwidth used in the connection are not available till the convesation or call is broken. Due to this, even if they are not utilized, they can not be used for any other purpose (e.g. connections). Hence circuit switching is inefficient in terms of resource utilization (i.e. channels, bandwidth etc.). Moreover due to this, if there are many users than the available channels, it leads to dropped calls or calls not being established.
➨The connection requires call setup delay and it is not instantaneous. This means there is no communication until connection is established and resources are available.
➨It is more expensive compare to other techniques due to dedicated path requirement. Consecutively, the call rates are also higher.

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