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Advantages of Zigbee | Disadvantages of Zigbee

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Zigbee. It mentions Zigbee advantages and Zigbee disadvantages.

Zigbee Introduction:
• It is low power and low data rate wireless system.
• Operates in three bands 2.4 GHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz.
• Modulation: Uses OQPSK and BPSK
• Coverage: 10 meters.
• Data rates : 250 Kbps, 40 Kbps and 20 Kbps as per bands

zigbee network fig

Zigbee network consists of coordinator, router and end devices as shown. This wireless technology is used for variety of applications viz. home automation, smart grid, remote monitoring and control etc.

Advantages of Zigbee

Following are the advantages of Zigbee:
➨Setting up the network is very simple and easy.
➨It does not have central controller and loads are distributed evenly across the network.
➨It is easy to monitor and control home appliances from remote.
➨It will take the place of existing Infrared technology based devices. This will save cost of battery replacement as zigbee uses lithium battery which lasts long.
➨The network is scalable and it is easy to add/remote zigbee end device to the network.

Disadvantages of Zigbee

Following are the disadvantages of Zigbee:
➨It requires knowledge of the system for the owner to operate zigbee compliant devices.
➨It is not secure like wifi based secured system.
➨Replacement cost will be high when any problem occurs in zigbee compliant home appliances.
➨Like other wireless systems, zigbee based communication is prone to attack from unauthorized people.
➨The coverage is limited and hence can not be used as outdoor wireless communication system. It can be used in indoor wireless applications.

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