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Advantages of wired network | disadvantages of wired network

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of wired network. It mentions benefits or advantages of wired network and drawbacks or disadvantages of wired network.

What is wired network?

Wired network consists of wired connection between various components of the system. Cables such as copper wires, fiber optic cable, flexible cables and twisted pair are used for wired connectivity. The transport medium in the wired network carry various types of electrical signals.

Wired network-LAN

Examples of wired network:
• LAN network (As shown in the figure), Refer LAN basics and its difference with MAN and WAN >>.
• Telephone networks
• Fiber optic communication
• Cable TV System
• ADSL, DSL etc.

Benefits or advantages of wired network

Following are the benefits or advantages of wired network:
➨The network offer higher data rate and hence fast transfer of information.
➨The wired connection is more secure unless someone breaks the connection and tap the signal.
➨It is simple to configure.
➨Cables offer higher bandwidth.
➨Shieldings are used to withstand against interference.
➨It offers higher reliability and better quality of service (QoS).

Drawbacks or disadvantages of wired network

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of wired network:
➨Wired connection does not provide mobility during usage.
➨Installation of wired network is very difficult. Moreover it is difficult to troubleshoot in faulty situation.
➨It requires more time to install.
➨It requires devices such as amplifiers, regenerators, repeaters, hubs and switches in order to extend the coverage distance.
➨There are more chances of damage to wired technology products compare to wireless counterpart.

Conclusion: In order to understand advantages of wired network and disadvantages of wired network one has to to understand difference between wired network versus wireless network >>.

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