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Advantages of Visual Communication | disadvantages of Visual Communication

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Visual Communication and its basics. It mentions benefits or advantages of Visual Communication and drawbacks or disadvantages of Visual Communication.

What is Visual Communication?

The way of presenting information visually is known as visual communication. We know that a picture is worth thousand words. This applies to graphs, charts and other graphic and visual aids.

This method of communication depends mainly on one's vision. The visual communication makes use of both verbal and non-verbal communication methods. It is implemented with the help of visual elements.

Public Signs and Icons

The commonly used visual communication forms include public signs, visual symbols, charts, tables, graphs, maps, icons, emoticons etc. The benefits of this communication types is that visual matters or subjects make a permanent effect in the human mind.

Benefits or advantages of Visual Communication

Following are the benefits or advantages of Visual Communication:
➨It brings immediate attention to the viewers and provide backing to information shared during demonstration.
➨It clarifies meaning to our oral or written discussion by visual means.
➨Visual information immediately registers in the brain of human being.
➨It allows gain and regain of attention of the audience.
➨It adds variety to written or oral presentation as listening to same voice or reading long pages of text can be very boring.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Visual Communication

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Visual Communication:
➨All the topics can not be presented through visual communication. For example, plan, policy, rules of an organization can not be produced in visual form.
➨Complete and detailed information can not be displayed through this communication method. It displays very brief information.
➨It is difficult to understand by some people who do not possess specialized knowledge on the subject.
➨To prepare graphs, pictures, charts, cartoons, sktech require specific tools and techniques. Hence it is costly.
➨Sometimes information in this form may be wrong in the order. This leads to misinterpretation and consecutively ineffective outputs.

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