Advantages of V2X Communication | disadvantages of V2X Communication

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of V2X Communication. It mentions V2X Communication advantages or benefits and V2X Communication disadvantages or drawbacks or challenges.

What is V2X Communication?

V2X communication technology allows vehicles to communicate with each other, with infrastructures as well as other parties. It helps in realizing future ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). Car2X technology is one of the examples of V2X (Vehicle to Everything) technology. In future we will come across Rail2X, Ship2X, Airplane2X and so on.

V2X Communication
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Car2X enables vehicles to automatically pass along messages regarding road conditions, traffic flow and obstacles before these appear in visual range of drivers. Moreover Vehicles receive signals from intelligent road signs. V2X covers the communications between vehicle to vehicle (V2V), Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) and Vehicle to Pedestrian (V2P) as shown in the figure. The main functions of V2X technology are road safety, energy savings, traffic efficiency and so on.

V2X communication uses any one or multiple wireless technologies for its operation as follows.
• WLAN or WiFi based (Uses IEEE 802.11p standard)
• Cellular based (Called C-V2X)
• GPS based

Benefits or advantages of V2X Communication

Following are the benefits or advantages of V2X Communication:
➨It allows driver to reach destination quickly, safely and in cost effective manner. This is possible due to availability of traffic information, parking lot assistance, optimized fuel consumption and so on.
➨Drivers utilizes vehicle management functions to reduce operational costs and ease in usage. Drivers and owners get information on condition of vehicle, service related reminders etc.
➨Owners get information on vehicle breakdown prevention via phone, SMS and other notifications.
➨Various safety functions warn drivers about external hazards and internal vehicle hazards. This helps in prevention of crashes. Moreover drivers can drive in low visibility conditions.
➨Various entertainment functions are available for drivers and passengers.
➨Partial and fully automatic driving functions are available.

Challenges or Drawbacks or disadvantages of V2X Communication

Following are the challenges or drawbacks or disadvantages of V2X Communication:
➨As vehicles in V2X are connected to internet, they are prone to hacking. Hackers can access and control the vehicle.
➨Privacy of the owners and users of the vehicles are major concern. This is due to leakage of informations such as vehicle location, daily routine, frequently used apps etc. These hacked informations can be used for unauthorized purposes. These can also be used by organizations and government agencies.
➨Autonomous driver system can cause fatal consequences during failure of the system.
➨Malfunctioning of cars or sensors or networks lead to incorrect data. This leads to faulty communications.

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