Advantages of TELNET | disadvantages of TELNET

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of TELNET. It mentions TELNET advantages or benefits and TELNET disadvantages or drawbacks. Telnet stands for teletype network.

What is TELNET?

• Telnet allows users to connect and log on to any other hosts in the network from their computer by using login credentials (user name, password).
• Telnet uses TCP protocol for connections.
• Telnet service is available on port 23 of the host machine.
• Telnet client acts as terminal which accepts any keystrokes from the keyboard, interpret them and display output on screen. Client on the computer makes TCP connection to port 23 of the host machine where Telnet server answers. Telnet server interacts with applications in the host machine and assists in terminal emulation process.


• After the connection is established, both ends of TELNET connection are assumed to be originated/terminated at the NVT( i.e. network virtual terminal). The NVT is network wide terminal and it is host independent. Hence both the server and client in the connection may not require to keep any information about each others terminal's characteristics as both of them sees each other as a NVT terminal.
• It is used to run command line programs, shell commands, scripts, batch files over telnet connection.

Benefits or advantages of TELNET

Following are the benefits or advantages of TELNET:
➨It can be used to send/receive information.
➨It helps in administration of the network elements.
➨It supports user authentication.
➨All the telnet clients and servers implement a network virtual terminal (NVT).
➨Automation test facilities are used by remote computers on shared basis. This saves cost by limiting costly test equipments/facilities at selected locations for all the users across the world.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of TELNET

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of TELNET:
➨User ID and password are transmitted without any encryption. This leads to security risk in Telnet protocol as eavesdropping and snooping are easier to implement by intruders or hackers.
➨It is not possible to run GUI based tools over Telnet connection as it is character based communication tool. It is not possible to transmit cursor movements and other GUI information.
➨It is very inefficient protocol.
➨Each keystrokes require several context switches before it reaches the other end.
➨It is expensive due to slow typing speeds.

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