Advantages of Stripline | disadvantages of Stripline

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Stripline. It mentions Stripline advantages or benefits and Stripline disadvantages or drawbacks. It provides links on various topics on Stripline types and basics.

What is Stripline?

The structure which is constructed by etching center conductor in a substrate is known as stripline. It is called planar transmission line and is used for microwave applications. The figure-1 depicts normal stripline circuit with center metal strip sandwiched between two ground planes one on top and the other on bottom.


Following are the types of striplines.
• Normal stripline
• Double conductor stripline
• Offset stripline
• Suspended stripline
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Benefits or advantages of Stripline

Following are the benefits or advantages of Stripline:
➨Good Electro-magnetic shielding can be achieved due to center metal structure.
➨Lower attenuation loss
➨Better isolation
➨Wide bandwidth

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Stripline

Following are the disadvantages of Stripline:
➨It is complex structure and hence difficult as well as expensive to fabricate.
➨Width of stripline trace is smaller compare to microstrip of same Z (Impedance) and H (Height). Due to this, often it comes out of the dielectric substrate if not handled properly.
➨As the entire structure is in the middle, tuning or troubleshooting is difficult.

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