Advantages of Rat Race Coupler | disadvantages of Rat Race Coupler

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Rat Race Coupler. It mentions Rat Race Coupler advantages or benefits and Rat Race Coupler disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is Rat Race Coupler?

• It is hybrid coupler with 4 ports as shown with wavelengths between ports.
• It can be constructed in microstrip, stripline and waveguide forms.
• It can be used in balanced mixers and amplifiers, antenna feed network, power combiners/dividers etc.

Rat Race Coupler

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Benefits or advantages of Rat Race Coupler

Following are the benefits or advantages of Rat Race Coupler:
➨It offers acceptable return loss at its ports.
➨It offers good isolation between its ports.
➨It offers excellent amplitude/phase imbalance in whole D band frequency range i.e. 2.20 to 3.30 GHz.
➨It functions as magic tee. Moreover it does not require any matching structure unlike magic tee.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Rat Race Coupler

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Rat Race Coupler:
➨It has relatively narrow bandwidth.
➨It occupies larger area due to 3*λ/4 length between P1 and P4 ports in the bottom part. Hence it can not be used in space constraint microwave devices.
➨Based on its contruction, it has drawbacks. Hence refer disadvantages of microstip line >>, stripline >> and waveguide >> structures for more information.

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