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Advantages of Radio Broadcasting | disadvantages of Radio Broadcasting

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Radio Broadcasting. It mentions Radio Broadcasting advantages or benefits and Radio Broadcasting disadvantages or drawbacks. It also describes Radio Broadcasting basics.

What is Radio Broadcasting?

The transmission of radio signals using a radio station to multiple radio receivers over the air is known as radio broadcasting. The radio frequencies lies from 3 Hz to 300 GHz. The common modulation schemes used for radio broadcasting are AM and FM.

Hence there are two types of radio broadcasting viz. AM and FM. The AM radio system uses maximum bandwidth of 10KHz while FM radio system uses maximum bandwidth of 200KHz. As a result AM carriers are spaced 10 KHz apart while FM carriers are spaced 200 KHz apart.

Radio Broadcast Transmission

AM radio broadcasting system uses RF frequencies from 540 to 1600 KHz with IF of 455 KHz while FM radio broadcasting system uses RF frequencies from 88 to 108 MHz with IF of 10.7 MHz. Now-a-days radio sets are available in mobile, tablets, smartphones etc. Due to this, it has become more popular among people. Moreover there are many applications which provides radio station tuning with ease rather than cumbersome manual knob based tuning. The figure-1 depicts self explanatory block diagram of the radio system with transmitter and receiver parts. Refer Radio Broadcasting basics >>.

Benefits or advantages of Radio Broadcasting

Following are the benefits or advantages of Radio Broadcasting:
➨It is used to relay radio and television programs.
➨It is used to cover mass reach and selective reach of audiences.
➨It helps in delivering radio advertising to the users. This will help in increasing revenue for the advertising companies.
➨It utilizes modulation schemes such as AM and FM to leverage advantages >> of both of them.
➨Cost is less compare to other services.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Radio Broadcasting

Following are the disadvantages of Radio Broadcasting:
➨Poor audience attentiveness due to unavailability of visual information.
➨Creative limitations
➨Fragmented audiences
➨Chaotic buying procedures
➨Short-lived and half heard commercials
➨Refer disadvantages of sound energy used in radio broadcasting.

Also refer advantages and disadvantages of RF (Radio Frequency) signals used in radio broadcasting system.

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