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Advantages of RFID | Disadvantages of RFID

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). It mentions RFID advantages and RFID disadvantages. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.

Though RFID has been developed as replacement for barcode technology, RFID has become much popular due to vast number of applications. RFID network mainly consists of two components viz. RFID reader and RFID tag.

RFID Network

The tags are of two types active and passive. The system works in either of following ways.
• Reader obtains the information from passive tag by transmitting signal to it.
• Tag of active type transmits its information to the reader.
Tags have memory and hence it can store more than product code or serial number compare to barcodes. Following are the advantages and disadvantages of RFID over barcodes.

Advantages of RFID

Following are the advantages of RFID:
➨RFID tag and reader should not be in LOS to make the system work.
➨Unlike barcodes, tags can store more information. Moreover it follows instructions/commands of reader.
➨It provides location to the reader along with its ID.
➨RFID tags are used for tracking luggage as well as for monitoring health history of patients in the hospitals.
➨RFID technology is versatile in nature and hence smaller and larger RFID devices are available as per application.
➨Tags can be read only as well as read/write unlike barcodes.
➨The technology is used for security and attendance purpose in schools, colleges as well as office establishments. The time-in and time-out is recorded it the database of the server.

Disadvantages of RFID

Following are the disadvantages of RFID:
➨Active RFID is costly due to use of batteries.
➨Privacy is a concern with the use of RFID on products as it can be easily tapped or intercepted.
➨RFID devices need to be programmed which requires enough amount of time.
➨Use of RFID technology at inventory control and for other such applications lead to loss of jobs for unskilled labourer.
➨The external electromagnetic interference can limit the RFID remote reading.
➨The coverage range of RFID is limited which is about 3 meters.

Now-a-days another technology NFC (Near Field Communication) is taking the place of RFID. Refer NFC basics for more information on this subject.

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