RF Amplifier Advantages | RF Amplifier Disadvantages

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of RF Amplifier. It mentions RF Amplifier advantages and RF Amplifier disadvantages.

RF Amplifier Advantages

Following are the RF Amplifier advantages:

➨The RF amplifier offers greater gain i.e. better sensitivity.

➨It offers better selectivity and hence it has ability to select wanted signals from multiple input signals at the RF receiver.

➨RF amplifier amplifies weak received signals i.e. it increases amplitude of weak RF signal while maintaining good Signal to Noise ratio.

RF Amplifier Disadvantages

Following are the RF Amplifier disadvantages:

➨Power consumption is higher than other RF components. Hence RF amplifier efficiency is big concern for the RF designers.

➨Higher wattage RF amplifier requires heatsink and hence it will be bulky in the size.

➨RF amplifier design requires very costly software design tools. Hence initial investment is higher for designers and manufacturers of the RF amplifiers.

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