Advantages of Perovskite solar cell | disadvantages of Perovskite solar cell

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Perovskite solar cell including its working. It mentions benefits or advantages of Perovskite solar cell and drawbacks or disadvantages of Perovskite solar cell.

What is Perovskite solar cell? | Working principle

This type of solar cell uses perovskite structured compound. It is hybrid organic-inorganic lead or tin halide based material. It can be used as light harvesting active layer.

The figure-1 depicts structure of standard perovskite solar cell (non-inverted). As shown perovskite solar cell consists of different layers from top to bottom viz. metal back contact, electron interface layer, perovskite ABX3, hole interface layer, ITO and glass.

Perovskite structure

• The figure-2 depicts working of Perovskite solar cell. As shown incident light passes on to light absorbing perovskite material and creates electron-hole (e- / h+ ) pairs.
• The charged particles separate due to low binding energy and eventually diffuse through the charge conducting layers.
• The charges are then collected by respective electrodes which produces electric current.

working of Perovskite solar cell

Benefits or advantages of Perovskite solar cell

Following are the benefits or advantages of Perovskite solar cell:
➨Perovskite material offers direct optical band gap of around 1.5eV.
➨Perovskite material offers long diffusion length and long minority carrier lifetimes.
➨It has broad absorption range from visible to near infrared spectrum (800 nm) and high absorption coefficient ( 105 cm-1 ).
➨Perovskite cells deliver efficiencies of more than 22 percent.
➨Perovskite material such as methylammonium lead halides are far inexpensive and simple to manufacture.
➨It has high dielectric constant, fast charge separation process, long transport distance of electrons and holes and long carrier separation lifetime.
➨This low cost material helps in converting windows of buildings, top of cars and walls to achieve solar power generation.
➨Perovskite uses less material in order to absorb same amount of light compare to silicon. Hence it is cheaper than silicon.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Perovskite solar cell

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Perovskite solar cell:
➨Degradation issue of methyl ammonium lead iodide Perovskite need to be studied.
➨Main issues in perovskite solar cells are film quality and thickness.
➨The perovskite material will break down quickly due to exposure of heat, moisture, snow etc.
➨The material is toxic in nature.

Conclusion: This page describes working principle and advantages of Perovskite solar cell and disadvantages of Perovskite solar cell. For more information refer advantages and disadvantages quantum dot solar cell, organic solar cell and so on by following links mentioned below.


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