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This page covers advantages and disadvantages of PSK. It mentions PSK advantages or benefits and PSK disadvantages or drawbacks. PSK stands for Phase Shift Keying.

What is PSK?

It is a digital modulation technique which uses phase of the analog carrier to represent digital binary data. Phase of the carrier wave is changed according to the binary inputs (1 or 0). In two level PSK, difference of 180 phase shift is used between binary 1 and binary 0.

There are many different types of modulation techniques which utilizes this concept to transmit digital binary data. It include two level PSK (i.e. BPSK), Four level PSK (i.e. QPSK) etc. Some techniques employ both amplitude and phase variation to represent binary data such as 16-QAM, 64-QAM, 256-QAM etc. Two level PSK represents single bit by each signaling elements while four level PSK represents two bits by each signaling elements and so on. 8-PSK represents three bits by each signaling elements.

PSK modulation

Following are the equations used to represent BPSK.
➨s(t) = A*cos(2*π*fc*t) for Binary 1 than
➨s(t) = A*cos(2*π*fc*t + π) for Binary 0
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As mentioned there are many variants of PSK modulation. Each of these PSK types have different advantages and disadvantages. We will have a look at common advantages and disadvantages of PSK techniques. One can also refer advantages and disadvantages of BPSK modulation >>, QPSK modulation >> and QAM modulation >>.

Benefits or advantages of PSK

Following are the benefits or advantages of PSK:
➨It carries data over RF signal more efficiently compare to other modulation types. Hence it is more power efficient modulation technique compare to ASK and FSK.
➨It is less susceptible to errors compare to ASK modulation and occupies same bandwidth as ASK.
➨Higher data rate of transmission can be achieved using high level of PSK modulations such as QPSK (represents 2 bits per constellation), 16-QAM (represents 4 bits per constellation) etc.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of PSK

Following are the disadvantages of PSK:
➨It has lower bandwidth efficiency.
➨The binary data is decoded by estimation of phase states of the signal. These detection and recovery algorithms are very complex. Coherent detection, which is often used in PSK demodulation, requires accurate phase synchronization between the transmitter and receiver. Achieving and maintaining this synchronization can be challenging in certain scenarios.
➨Multi-level PSK modulation schemes (QPSK, 16QAM etc.) are more sensitive to phase variations.
➨It is also one form of FSK and hence it also offers lower bandwidth efficiency compare to ASK modulation type.
➨PSK modulation is sensitive to phase noise, which can arise from various sources, including imperfections in the transmitter or distortions in the communication channel. This sensitivity can affect the quality of the demodulated signal.
➨PSK modulation may exhibit reduced performance in non-ideal channel conditions, such as frequency-selective fading or multipath propagation.

Conclusion : In summary, PSK modulation offers advantages such as improved bandwidth efficiency, reduced power consumption, and suitability for high data rates. However, it may be sensitive to phase noise, and the complexity of implementation can increase with higher order PSK schemes such as 8 psk, 16 psk etc.

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