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Advantages of NOR Flash Memory | Disadvantages of NOR Flash

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of NOR Flash memory and its basics. It mentions benefits or advantages of NOR Flash Memory and drawbacks or disadvantages of NOR Flash Memory.

Introduction: Embedded systems are becoming smaller and smarter due to adoption of fast communication systems and technologies such as 4G LTE, 5G NR (New Radio) and GPON. These systems require high processing capacity. This is possible with the use of flash memory types viz. NAND and NOR.

What is NOR Flash Memory ?

The figure depicts architecture of NOR flash memory. It consists of several source lines which are connected to single bit line. As shown, word lines above each source line pass through the bit line. Every cell is connected to 1 bit line and source line. Example of NOR flash memory is series S70GL02GT manufactured by Cypress semiconductor corporation (acquired by Infineon Technologies AG).

NOR Flash Architecture
Image courtesy : Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (Now part of Infineon Technologies)

The typical average read speed of NOR flash memory is about 61.5 Mbps and average write speed is about 0.47 Mbps. Typically cell size of NOR flash is about 10F2.
Refer NAND vs NOR flash for difference between NAND flash and NOR flash memory types,

Benefits or advantages of NOR Flash Memory

Following are the benefits or advantages of NOR Flash Memory:
➨It supports higher read capability compare to NAND flash.
➨It is more often used in applications which require individual read/write of data bytes.
➨It has very high data retention capability compare to NAND flash memory.
➨It has less frequent bad block development than NAND flash.
➨It has less common bit flipping than NAND flash.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of NOR Flash Memory

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of NOR Flash Memory:
➨The NOR devices are quite expensive compare to NAND.
➨NOR flash memory consume more power compare to NAND flash.
➨NOR flash has slower write speed.
➨NOR flash has lower memory capacity.
➨NOR flash memory is larger in size compare to NAND flash.

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