Advantages and Disadvantages of Microwave Communication

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Microwave Communicaion. It mentions Microwave advantages and Microwave disadvantages.

Frequencies in the range from 1GHz to 30GHz is known as Microwaves. Microwave frequencies will have wavelengths in centimeters. Microwave band is divided into UHF, SHF, EHF etc. It lies in the upper portion of radio frequency spectrum.

Advantages of Microwave Communication

Following are the advantages of Microwave Communication:
➨The microwave spectrum has larger bandwidth and hence large amount of information can be transmitted using it.
➨Day by day radio frequency spectrum is getting crowded. Microwave technology helps to manage crowded spectrum with the use of high selective receivers, modulation (SSB, PSK, QAM etc.) and spread spectrum techniques, data compression etc.
➨Microwave spectrum is divided into different channels as per application. The center frequencies for these channels are allocated with gaps between them so that channels will not overlap and do not cause interference to nearby channels.
➨Microwave communication is used since earlier days as one of the Line of Sight Communication in hilly remote areas where other means of wired communication is not possible to be installed. Microwave and satellite communications are prefect choice in such places.

Disadvantages of Microwave Communication

As we know microwave is used for microwave communication. Following are the disadvantages of Microwaves:
➨For the frequencies which are below 30MHz standard circuit analysis can be applied. For the frequencies in the microwave range, E-H wave analysis need to be applied.
➨As we know lumped components such as resistors, inductors and capacitors do not have same characteristics at microwave frequencies as they have at lower frequencies. Hence it is difficult to implement these components at microwave frequencies.
➨At microwave frequencies, transit time of current carrier i.e. electron is higher which takes large percentage of actual signal. Due to this fact, conventional transistors do not function properly at microwave frequency compare to lower frequency.
➨As microwave communication is limited to line of sight mode only, Other modes of communication are not possible.

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