Advantages of Metamaterial antenna | disadvantages of Metamaterial antenna

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Metamaterial antenna. It mentions Metamaterial antenna advantages or benefits and Metamaterial antenna disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is Metamaterial antenna?

• They are composite materials which have material properties not commonly found in ordinary materials.
• Metamaterials can be characterized based on Maxwell equations.
• They are categorized into two main types viz. resonant metamaterials and nonresonant metamaterials.

metamaterial antennas

The figure-1 depicts mTenna™ series of metamaterial antennas from KYMETA Corporation, Washington, USA. It uses metasurface in a glass structure. It uses thin structure with tunable metamaterial elements to create holographic beam. Refer metamaterials >> for properties and process of realization.

Benefits or advantages of Metamaterial antenna

Following are the benefits or advantages of Metamaterial antenna:
➨Metamaterial antenna design has size five times smaller with wider bandwidth.
➨It does not require active phase shifters or amplifiers unlike traditional phased array antenna.
➨It offers wide angle scanning and excellent beam performance.
➨It offers electronically controlled pointing and polarization.
➨It consumes very low power.
➨Antennas are flat, light in weight and small in size.
➨It uses software to steer instead of mechanical parts.
➨It is compatible for planar integration with other components.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Metamaterial antenna

Following are the limitations and not the drawbacks or disadvantages of Metamaterial antenna:
➨It is difficult to manufacture metamaterial based antennas in large quantities.
➨It works for limited range of wavelengths.
➨The shape of the antenna can not be changed during operation.
➨They are lossy.

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