Advantages of Greenhouse Farming | disadvantages of Greenhouse Farming

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Greenhouse Farming. It mentions Greenhouse Farming advantages or benefits and Greenhouse Farming disadvantages or drawbacks.

What is Greenhouse Farming?

The farming based on greenhouse technology is known as greenhouse farming. In this method, plants are grown in adverse climatic conditions using green house structure. The greenhouses are framed structures as shown in the figure-1 in which environmental conditions are modified based on crops requirements.

Greenhouse Farming

Greenhouse structures are covered with transparent materials in which environmental conditions are either partially controlled or fully controlled to obtain optimum growth and productivity of the plants or crops. This technology uses various techniques to provide favourable environmental conditions to the plants by protecting them from adverse climatic conditions e.g. wind, cold, precepitation, excessive radiation, extreme temperature, insects, diseases etc.

With experience over the years, man has developed methods to grow crops where it is difficult to be grown due to environmental conditions. As a result, they are growing some high value crops continuously by providing protection against excessive cold throughout the year. It is ideally suitable for vegetables and flower crops.

Benefits or advantages of Greenhouse Farming

Following are the benefits or advantages of Greenhouse Farming:
➨It helps in achieving 10 to 12 % higher yield compare to normal farming methods. It depends on greenhouse type, crop type and environment control facilities used.
➨Crop reliability increases using greenhouse farming.
➨It expands growing season for farmers. Hence it is possible to produce floricultural crops throughout the year. It is also possible to produce vegetables and fruit crops during off-season.
➨The major advantage is that it minimizes external threats to the crops under cultivation.
➨It helps in growing different variety of crops.
➨It helps to produce disease free and genetically superior transplants continuously. Efficient utilization of chemicals and pesticides are used to control pest and diseases.
➨It is most useful in monitoring and controlling the instability of various ecological system.
➨Modern techniques of hydroponic, Aeroponics and nutrient film techniques are possible only under greenhouse framing.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Greenhouse Farming

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Greenhouse Farming:
➨It requires high upfront and operating expenses.
➨It requires careful precautions to eliminate any pest or diseases in order to make sure that consecutive crop production does not get affected.
➨Poor pollination takes place in greenhouse farming.
➨There is lack of awareness among farmers which requires training.
➨It requires regular periodic inspection.
➨Migration birds may be affected due to greenhouse.

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