Advantages of GiFi | disadvantages of GiFi

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of GiFi. It mentions benefits or advantages of GiFi and drawbacks or disadvantages of GiFi.

What is GiFi?

The GiFi is the technology which transfers data in giga bits per second using millimeter wave frequencies. It is defined in IEEE 802.15.3C standard. It is developed by NICTA Australia. The GiFi devices form wireless PAN network within coverage of few meters. Subscriber station communicates with severla APs in LOS communication.

Following table mentions features of GiFi technology.

Specifications GiFi support
Operating Frequency 57 to 64 GHz (60 GHz mmwave unlicensed band)
Data rate > 5 Gbps
Coverage About 10 meters
Duplexing TDD (Using one antenna)
FDD (Using two antennas)
Modulation Type BPSK

In order to transmit data, modulated IF signal is upconverted to millimeter wave frequency. Similarly to retrieve the data the mmwave signal is down converted to IF frequency. Refer mmwave up converter and down converter design >> for more information.

Benefits or advantages of GiFi

Following are the benefits or advantages of GiFi:
➨It offers very high data rate at lower interference.
➨The devices consume very low power.
➨The devices are very cost effective.
➨The GiFi chip is very small in size (about 5mm on each side). Hence devices are also available in small sizes.
➨It supports both service level and link level security and hence it offers more security.
➨The deployment of GiFi network and devices does not take much time. It is very fast and easy to install GiFi network.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of GiFi

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of GiFi:
➨It supports short distance of about 10 meters due to high attenuation.
➨The Gifi signals are easily blocked by objects due to lesser operating wavelength.
➨RTS/CTS signals are not used in GiFi technology unlike WiFi standard.
➨It is less secure compare to LiFi system. This is because LiFi operates on light waves where as WiFi operates on Electro-magnetic waves.
➨Refer advantages and disadvantages of mmwave frequency radar >>.

Conclusion: In order to understand advantages of GiFi and disadvantages of GiFi, one has to understand GiFi basics and comparison of Gifi with wifi and lifi technologies. Refer difference between GiFi Vs LiFi >> for more information.

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