Advantages of Electronic Paper Display | disadvantages of Electronic Paper Display

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Electronic Paper Display (EPD). It mentions Electronic Paper Display advantages or benefits and Electronic Paper Display disadvantages or drawbacks. It is called e-paper display in short.

What is Electronic Paper Display?

• This display unit reflects light like paper unlike traditional backlit display unit which emits light.
• It is very comfortable to read with e-paper display with wide viewing angle.
• This display unit mimics apperance of ordinary ink on the paper.
• It is available in various sizes such as as 1.44", 1.54", 1.9", 2", 2.13", 2.6", 2.71", 4.2", 7.4", 10.2", 12.2" etc.
• It is widely used in different applications which include pricing labels in retail stores, time tables at bus stops, smartphone displays, e-book readers, wrist watches etc.

Electronic Paper Display

• The figure-1 depicts 2.7" e-paper display from Pervasive display Inc. Its dimension is about 264 x 176 pixels and it is monochrome.
• It supports standard serial expansion connectors.
• This electronic paper display can carry UART, SPI, I2C Input/Output signals.

e-paper display back panel

The figure-2 depicts backpanel of this e-paper display unit. The popular manufacturers of e-paper display are E-ink Holdings Inc., LG, NEC, Samsung, Plastic Logic, Polymer Vision, Seiko Epson etc.

Benefits or advantages of Electronic Paper Display

Following are the benefits or advantages of Electronic Paper Display:
➨It holds static text and images for indefinite time without any usage of electricity.
➨The display contrast is very good and can be viewed from wide viewing angles.
➨It does not have any glare and offers natural reading experience like book.
➨It is possible to read in direct sunlight as there is no glare in bright light condition.
➨It holds charge for very long time.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Electronic Paper Display

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Electronic Paper Display:
➨It has very low refresh rate compare to LCD display. Hence fast moving applications can not be used on such display units.
➨It requires light source to read as there is no backlit like LCD.
➨It can not display moving images such as cursors, videos etc.
➨It can not display color e-ink. It can only use shades of gray for display purpose.
➨It can not be used in the dark during bed time for reading. LCD display is used for such purpose.

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