Advantages of AI, disadvantages of AI, Artificial Intelligence

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with application examples. It mentions benefits or advantages of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and drawbacks or disadvantages of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

• The development of systems which can perform tasks that would require human intelligence is known as Artificial Intelligence.
• Examples of tasks which use AI include visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, navigation systems, translation between languages and so on.
• Machine learning is an application of AI which gives machines ability to learn and improve without help of human beings or any new programming techniques.
• It has been developed initially for home automation service such as turn ON/OFF electrical devices, increase/decrease speed, volume etc.


• There are two main types of AI viz. weak AI and strong AI.
• Weak AI based machines respond to specific situations as per programming. They can not think themselves. Examples of weak artificial intelligence are game intelligence, search intelligence, voice recognition, Behavioral biometrics, cobot etc. The figure-1 depicts weak AI based cobot.


• Strong AI based machines think and act similar to human beings. They learn from experinces and adapt accordingly in specific situations. Examples of strong artificial intelligence are robotics, autonomous war machines such as drones, robots etc.
• The igure-2 depicts strong AI based robot.

Application Examples:
• AI powered robots in movies can talk, think and have emotions. They can make decisions just like humans.
• Self driving cars which drive without any human beings automatically. The AI algorithms take care of collision avoidance, movement, speed based on obstructions etc.

Benefits or advantages of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Following are the benefits or advantages of AI (Artificial Intelligence):
➨AI based machines (drones, robots) work independently in battle field without the need of human army. Hence AI can reduce human casualties in wars and shorten the duration of the war. It can also reduces casualties in dangerous workspaces, car accidents, natural disasters etc.
➨AI makes everyday life easier by helping in tasks such as cleaning, shopping, transporation etc. It can perform human impossible tasks also.
➨It can recognize face, voice, human manipulation and so on.
➨AI devices allow human interaction due to their ability to perform language translation and processing.
➨AI devices can be controlled by voice, text or both. Hence the AI technology can also be used by physically disabled people.
➨AI allows algorithm based search suggestions on google and other search engines based on machine learning techniques. This benefits both buyer and seller.
➨It has become part and parcel in our life, and will be available to every category of human beings.
➨Usage of artificial intelligence in schools benefit students, teachers and management.
➨It handles information better, relieves overload on information usage, converts information into knowledgeable database and so on.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of AI (Artificial Intelligence):
➨AI powered weapons can cause great amount of destructions due to its high precision and accuracy during attack on enemy.
➨AI powered machines can breach privacy and security of people.
➨AI powered devices and machines are very costly due to complexity in programming and use of experienced programmers with higher salary.
➨AI machines will slowly occupy the place of humans. This leads to increase in the rate of unemployment.
➨AI makes people rely solely on technology based devices and as a result it slowly decreases their mental capabilities to think.
➨There is a posssibility that machine turns against user commands. This situation can be very dangerous to handle.

Conclusion: In order to understand advantages of AI and disadvantages of AI, one can also go through advantages and disadvantages of machine learning >> which is used in AI algorithms.

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