RF Connector of various types

This page lists rf connector of various types including frequency of operation, diameter and applications.It include SMA,N type,BNC,TNC,F,FME,MCX,SMB,SMP,QMA connectors and more.

RF Connector Type Frequency of operation Diameter Applications
SMA connector DC to 18 GHz 0.26 inch diameter RF testing. Used in various wireless products VSAT subsystems, WLAN, WiMAX, LTE, Zigbee etc. 50 Ohm impedance.
N type connector DC to 18 GHz about 0.8 inch Male,0.55 inch Female 50 ohm used for cellular and wireless. 75 Ohm used in CATV systems.
BNC connector DC to 3 GHz About 0.57 inch male type Video signal interface, avionics and for test equipments.
TNC connector DC to 11 GHz 0.59 inch male type Routers, Base stations, radar, mobile phones etc. 50 Ohm is mostly used.
FME connector DC to 2 GHz About 0.2677 inch FME Jack As the name 'For Mobile Equipment' is used for Mobile applications. Used with RG 58, RG 174 cables. Impedance 50 Ohm.
F connector DC to 1 GHz 0.43 in Male type Used for 75 Ohm systems. All types of television systems such as terrestrial, satellite and cable.
MCX/MMCX/SSMCX connector DC to 6 GHz 0.14 in plug type MCX type, MMCX is smaller than MCX type, SSMCX is smaller than MMCX type. Mainly 50 Ohm, MCX and MMCX are used in antennas and for GPS. SSMCX is used in WLAN, M2M, MRI, audio/video, telecommunications.
SMP connector DC to 40 GHz 0.145 inch diameter, SMP female It tolerates axial and radial misalignments and maintained good performance. It helps connecting two modules or boards without the use of cables.
SMB/SSMB connector DC to 4 GHz About 0.219 in 50 Ohm straight jack SMB type, SSMB is smaller than SMB 50 Ohm used for circuit miniaturization, 75 Ohm used in broadband and switching applications.
QMA connector DC to 18 GHz 0.41 in straight cable Plug, 0.22 in straight cable Jack Allows cable routing 360 degree. Used in cellular, antennas
BMA connector About DC-22 GHz Approx. same size as SMA type 50 Ohm, satellite, microwave, radar
UHF connector DC to 300 MHz About 0.7 inch UHF type radio

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