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Resonant Circuit basics | Resonant Circuit types | series, parallel

This page describes resonant circuit types and resonant circuit basics. It mentions links to difference between series resonant circuit and parallel resonant circuit.

The electric circuit consisting of inductor (L) and capacitor (C) components having equal inductive reactance and capacitive reactance is known as resonant circuit. If the L and C are connected in series, it is known as series resonant circuit. If the L and C are connected in parallel, it is known as parallel resonant circuit.

Resonant circuit types

Resonant circuit types

The figure-1 depicts different types of resonant circuits. Figure-1(a) is series resonant circuit and Figure-1 (d) is parallel resonant circuit.

The table below compares series vs parallel resonant circuits with respect to their impedance and current at resonance, their resonant frequency equations, power factor etc.

series vs parallel resonant circuits

Equivalent Circuits of Resonant circuits

Equivalent circuits of resonant circuits

The figure-2 depicts equivalent circuits of resonant circuits shown in the figure-1.

Series Resonant Circuit Vs Parallel Resonant Circuit

Refer basic difference between Series Resonance Vs Parallel Resonance>>.

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