500MHz Lumped Element LPF Design

In this article, 500MHz lumped element LPF(Low Pass Filter) is explained with simulation circuit using inductors and capacitors.

RF Simulation Circuit

Lumped Element LPF circuit

The figure depicts 500MHz Low Pass Filter (LPF) circuit using L and C lumped elements. Once initial value is fixed, the same have been optimized based on optimization goals set.


Lumped element LPF results

The figure depicts results of our 500MHz Low Pass Filter(LPF). As mentioned inserion loss i.e. S21 is about 0 dB upto frequency of about 500MHz. Above 500MHz frequency point, the insetion loss is getting higher and higher. The return loss values i.e. S11 and S22 are better than -16dB as set in the optimization goal.


As explained in this article, any other RF filter using lumped elements can be designed, simulated and results can be verified based on RF design software tools.

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