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WiFi repeater | wifi range extender

This page covers wireless repeater basics. It mentions WiFi repeater application note and WiFi repeater manufacturers.

WiFi repeater is used to extend the coverage range of wifi compliant devices. Due to this feature it is also known as wifi range extender. WiFi devices support the specifications defined in the IEEE 802.11 standard. There are various WLAN series of standards which includes 802.11a, 11b, 11g, 11n, 11ac, 11ad etc.

The ideal position is to place the wifi range extender half-way between the wifi router and wifi device. The connection will be best when wifi router, wifi repeater and wifi device are in line of sight.

The wifi repeater functions well both in horizontal or vertical position.

WiFi repeater or WiFi Range Extender Application Note

wifi range extender, wifi repeater

Figure depicts wifi range extender model EX6200 from NETGEAR.

Following are the features of NETGEAR wifi repeater:
• Supports both 2.4GHz(11b/11g/11n) and 5GHz(11a/11n/11ac) frequency bands.
• Supports USB 3.0
• Supports IEEE 802.11ac and older versions
• Supports WPA/WPA2/WEP security algorithms
• Supports Two antennas with 5dBi gain
• Supports 5 ethernet ports with auto sensing technology

WiFi repeater Manufacturers/Vendors

Following are the best wifi range extender or wifi repeater manufacturer with model and cost pricing:

WiFI range extender Cost
Amped Wireless REA20 $150
D-Link DAP-1650 $85
Netgear EX6200 $100
Linksys RE6500 $80

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