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This application note covers LoRa Transceiver basics. It mentions LoRa Transceiver module from Microchip Technology Inc.

As we know LoRA is popular wireless technology used as wide area network for IoT (Internet of things).

LoRA Transceiver module

Figure-1 depicts typical components in a LoRA tranceiver chip. It consists of UART, processor, GPIOs, LoRA protocol stack, LoRA Radio layer, interface buses (e.g. I2C, SPI) etc. Microcontroller Unit is interfaced using UART with LoRA transceiver for monitor and control applications. GPIOs are used to interface any user defined hardware components such as LEDs, Switches etc. LoRA RF layer is interfaced with antenna of different frequency bands such as 433 and 868 MHz. LoRA transceiver requires crystal for running the processor and real time clock.

Microchip LoRa Transceiver RN2483

Microchip offers LoRa technology based transceiver used for low power and long range wireless data communication. The Microchip LoRa transceiver part number RN2483 supports LoRAWAN class-A protocol specifications. It is capable of data communication at bit rates of 300 Kbps using FSK and at bit rates of 5468 bps using modulation as per LoRA standard. Following table mentions few of the features of LoRA transceiver.

Specification/feature LoRa transceiver RN2483 support
Radio Frequency (RF) bands 433 MHz , 868 MHz
Output power +14 dBm (max.), adjustable
Modulation FSK, GFSK, Lora supported modulation
receiver sensitivity supports till -148 dBm
distance coverage >15Km (sub-urban), >5Km (urban)
Applications IoT, M2M etc.
Supply Voltage 2.1 V to 3.6 Volts
Temperature range -40 degree C to +85 degree C

For more information visit website of Microchip technology Inc. (www.microchip.com).

SX1272 and SX1276 LoRa RF Transceivers from Semtech

Refer page on SX1272 vs SX1276>> which mentions technical specifications of both SX1272 and SX1276 LoRa RF Transceivers from Semtech corporation.

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