HetNet Gateway basics

This page covers HetNet Gateway basics. It mentions HetNet Gateway application note and HetNet Gateway vendors or manufacturers.

➨HetNet is the short form of Heterogeneous Networks. It is the network which is used for modern mobile and data communications. This network composed of different cell types such as small cells, large cells etc. and different radio access technologies such as 3G, 4G (LTE, Mobile wimax), WiFi etc.

HetNet Gateway takes care of connecting different types of cells and RANs(Radio Access Technologies) so that seamless service can be provided to the end user of the mobile communication system irrespective of technology and type of cellular cells.

HetNet Gateway Application Note

HetNet Gateway

Following are the silent features of HetNet Gateway developed by Parallel Wireless, Inc.

• Supports multiple RATs (Radio Access Technologies).
• Supports connectivity with equipments from different vendors.
• Can be interfaced with 3G/4G core via S1-AP, S1-U, S2a, S2b, lu-PS, lu-CS etc.
• Can be interfaced with different base stations(e.g. 3G, 4G, LTE) and wifi access point (AP) nodes.
• Supports both trusted as well as untrusted wifi APs.
• HetNet Gateway Supports C-RAN and real-time network SON on same platform
• Supports X2 Gateway functionality

HetNet Gateway Manufacturers or Vendors

Following are the manufacturers or vendors of HetNet Gateway.

Manufacturers or vendors of HetNet Gateway
Parallel Wireless
Ruckus Wireless
Hitachi Communication Technologies
Nokia Networks
Mann Wireless, LTD.

Useful product vendors or manufacturers

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