Echo SmartPen Features,Price | Echo SmartPen by LiveScribe advantages

This app note covers Echo SmartPen features and Echo SmartPen price from LiveScribe. It mentions benefits or advantages of Echo SmartPen by LiveScribe.

There are many smartpen manufacturers which include Wacom, Livescribe, Neo, Moleskine, IRIS, Equil etc. We will go through livescribe echo smartpen in this application note.

Echo SmartPen Features and Price

Echo SmartPen

The figure-1 depicts Echo Smartpen. It is made of micro USB connector, rechargeable battery, microphone, audio jack, OLED display, speaker, memory storage, soft rubber grip and replaceable ink tip etc. Following are the functions of each of this smartpen parts.
• Microphone: Capures meetings or lectures with clear sound recording.
• OLED display: It makes it very easy to navigate smartpen apps.
• Speaker: It produces rich full sound to play back recorded audio.
• Memory storage: It has capacity to hold 400 to 800 Hours of recorded audio with its 4GB/8GB models.
• Micro-USB connector : It helps connecting pen with PC using USB cable and hence helps in transfering files as well as recharging of pen.
• Audio Jack: It has 3.5 mm jack to fit your ear phones.
• Soft rubber grip: It provides comfort while writing.
• Repleable ink tip: The old cartridge can be removed and new one can be inserted.

Echo SmartPen Working

It is very easy to be used with the specially designed note-books as shown in the figure-2. The notebook contains symbols of "record", "pause" and "stop" on all the pages. The recording can be started by placing the tip of pen on record icon. It can be stopped by placing the tip of pen on stop icon and so on. The specially designed sheets are also available in order to use them with the pen.

2GB version of Echo Smartpen from Livescribe costs about $165 as on May 2018. The price of it vary based on mamory size which can be 2GB, 4GB and 8GB.

Benefits or advantages of Echo Smartpen

Following are the benefits or advantages of Echo Smartpen:
➨It can be recharged as it uses rechargeble battery inside.
➨It can be connected using USB cable with your laptop PC to transfer files from pen to the PC. Online desktop software is available inorder to share the notes with collegues.
➨It records both texts or graphics from your book and audio together. Hence one can place the pen point on the notes and play the audio from that point onwards.
➨It houses camera, microphone and speaker. Hence sound can be recorded and can be played back as desired. Recorded sound is crisp clear using microphone. Speaker produces rich full sound during play back of recorded audio.
➨It has OLED display which indicates different stages of a pen such as recording, playing, stopping etc.

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