DECT phone basics

This page covers DECT phone basics. It mentions DECT phone application note and DECT phone manufacturers.

The phone which works as per DECT (Digital European Cordless Telephone) standard specifications is referred as DECT phone. The standard mentions air interface between base unit and mobile phone unit. Following are the main characteristics of DECT phone.

• It supports frequency from 1880 to 1900 MHz.
• It Supports 120 full duplex channels.
• Supports GMSK modulation scheme.
• Power output is 10mW on average.
• It covers range of approx. 50 meters in buildings and 300 meters in open space.
Refer DECT tutorial which describes DECT frame structure, DECT protocol stack etc.

DECT phone Application Note

How does DECT phone work

As shown in the figure, DECT system has two parts viz. DECT base unit and DECT phone handset. The figure depicts both of these units. DECT phone unit communicates with the DECT base unit using DECT air interface protocols and as per DECT protocol stack. DECT phone unit usually will be kept on charging stand. This charging stand will continuously power the phone. DECT base unit will be connected with the fixed telephone network such as PSTN or ISDN. This will help DECT compliant wireless phones to communicate with fixed telephone network based phone devices.

Vertical Communications, Inc. manufactures DECT phone unit and DECT base unit. The Vertical communication's DECT phone support following specifications/features:

• Can be connected with IP based systems.
• Supports roaming range upto 5000feet with the use of 5 wireless repeaters.
• It has 2line and 16 digit per line LCD display
• 4 function keys and 4 one touch dial keys are available
• Headset jack, headset volume control are provided
• Ringer alert and ringer volume control is available
• speakerphone option and backlit display is available

DECT phone Manufacturers/Vendors

Following are the manufacturers of DECT phone. It also covers DECT 6.0 cordless landline phone based systems.

• Panasonic (Models: KX-TG2358, KX-TG8051, KX-TG6511)
• Beetel (X67 cordless landline phone)
• Gigaset A220
• Uniden AS1002 DECT 1.8
• Yealink SIP-W52P (DECT VOIP phone) ,Yealink SIP-W52H (DECT base station)
• Grandstream DP715
• snom m9r
•  Cisco SPA302D-KIT
•  Spectralink 7740 DECT handset
•  Avaya DECT wireless phones(Models: 3725/3720)

Useful product vendors or manufacturers

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