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This page describes Classification of medical equipments. It mentions Semiconductor components used in Medical Electronics Equipments.

Classification of medical equipments

Following table-1 mentions types or classification of medical electronics equipment.

Medical Electronics Equipments Feature description
Imaging Equipment used to measure recording data for diagnostic applications
• Ultrasound scan
• X-ray,
• MRI,
• CT scan,
• Pulmonary function test,
• Gama camera,
• Holter recorder,
• Cath lab,
• echo colour droppler, etc.
Patient Monitoring system These medical devices measure vital signs of patients and display data as needed.
• Electro-cardiogram
• Bedside Monitors
• EEG, ENG, etc.
Therapeutic These are equipments or implants which are used for treatment of any ailments.
• Ventilator
• Infusion pump
• Syringe pump
• Sleep Lab
• Dialysis Equipment
• Diathermy
• Continual replay replacement therapy
• Heart-lung machine
• Anti-coagulation timer etc.
Handheld home-care products These devices are used for personal health monitoring
• Digital Thermometer
• Glucometer etc.

Semiconductor components used in Medical Electronics Equipments

Following table-2 mentions semiconductor components used in Medical Electronics Equipments.

Medical Electronics Equipments Semiconductor components used
Medical Imaging products These products use semiconductor components e.g. microprocessors, microcontrollers, amplifiers, DSPs, ASICs, FPGAs, DACs, ADCs etc.
Patient Monitoring systems These systems utilize components such as sensors, microcontrollers, zigbee modules, ASICs, amplifiers, rectifiers, EEPROMs, controllers etc.
Infusion Pumps It uses regulators, transistors, microcontrollers, rectifiers, amplifiers, comparators, sensors etc.
Digital Hearing Aids It uses EEPROMs, accelerometers, EEPROMs, microcontrollers, amplifiers, comparators, audio processor ICs, ASICs etc.

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