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LoRaWAN certification test providers | LoRaWAN test tools

This page mentions list of LoRaWAN certification test providers and LoRaWAN certification test tools with their features.

LoRaWAN device consists of protocol layers viz. radio, physical, mac and application layer. Certification test covers testing at all these layers.

LoRa protocol stack

In addition to basic functionality tests, LoRaWAN certification optionally covers various radio performance tests. Radio performance tests includes transmitter radiated power, receiver sensitivity etc.

LoRaWAN certification test providers for LoRaWAN device testing

Following table mentions LoRaWAN certification test providers. There are authorized certification test houses from LoRa alliance who help for conducting LoRaWAN device certification testing. After the tests, certificate will be issued from LoRaWAN Alliance.

Company Description
7Layers Website: www.7Layers.com
Address: USA, Germany
Allion Labs, Inc. Website: www.allion.com
Address: Taipei city, Taiwan
BUREAU VERITAS Website: https://cpsusa-bureauveritas.com/
Address: Irvine, CA, US
DEKRA (India) Pvt. Ltd. Website: https://www.dekra-product-safety.com/en/solutions/wireless-testing
Address: Mumbai, INDIA
Other Braches: Japan, Taiwan, US, Spain
IMST GmbH Website: https://www.imst.com/
It is LoRaWAN® certified Lab.
Address: Germany
TTA Website: http://www.tta.or.kr/
Address: South Korea
TUV Website: www.tuv.com
Address: INDIA (Bangalore), germany, Japan, USA
AT4 wireless Website: www.at4wireless.com
Address: USA, Spain, Taiwan, Japan, US, Sweden, Germany, South Korea, Netherlands
Etteplan (formerly Espotel) Website: http://www.etteplaniot.com/
Address: Finland

The table mentions LoRaWAN certification test houses in INDIA are DEKRA (India) Pvt. Ltd. and TUV Bangalore, INDIA.

LoRaWAN Certification Test Tool

This test tool is developed to help device manufacturers to conduct pre-testing before sending their devices for final testing at certification test houses. This tool saves both time and money for the developers.

The test tool is developed as per latest LoRaWAN specifications and for various LoRaWAN frequency bands viz. EU868, KR920, AS923, US915 and IN865.

Refer typical Physical layer(PHY) measurements>> and RF layer measurements>> performed on Physical layer and RF layer testing of the DUT.

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