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ICT testing | In Circuit Test (ICT)

This page describes ICT testing i.e. In-Circuit Test (ICT) basics. It mentions ICT tester from popular in-circuit test manufacturers.

Following features are available in latest ICT test systems.
•  Boundary scan
•  Automated probing
•  Optical inspection
•  Functional testing
•  Programming

Other than above factors, selection of ICT (In-Circuit Test) system depends on type of product. Any product design need to have testability associated with it. DFT (Design for testability) will add certain testability features in the design of the product. Hence it is easy to develop and apply manufacturing tests for the DUT hardware. Following is the list of ICT solution manufacturers.

In-Circuit Test (ICT) solution manufacturers

Following table mentions popular manufacturers of in-circuit test (ICT) solution providers.

Manufacturer model specifications
Teradyne Teststation multi-site • Does parallel test of multiple boards
• zero footprint design
• productivity equivalent to 2 or more MDA/ICT systems
QmaxTest QTouch 1248 • electrical measurements of components
• can probe 2 test points about 20 mils closer using angular probe concept
Test and Research India Pvt. Ltd TR5001T SII TINY • full featured ICT solution
• programmable DUT power supply
• parallel testing of DUTs with USB ports
Kyoritsu Electric India Pvt.Ltd. Focus 2000 • One of the fastest MDA(Manufacturing defect analyzer) in the test and measurement industry
• easy in maintenance
Acculogic Flying Scorpion FLS980Dxi • programmable probe angle from +6 to -6 degrees
Resolution of +/-0.1 micron
Spea Flying Probe S2 • highest performance in measurement with accuracy
•  4 times faster on board programming
Agilent Medalist i1000D • low cost fixing
• ultimate signal quality
• control path for board alignment

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