All logic gates HDL Verilog Code

This page of verilog sourcecode covers HDL code for all the logic gates using verilog.

Truth table with symbols

all gates truth table with symbol

Verilog code

module allgate ( a, b, y );
input a,b;
output [1:6] y;
assign y[1]= a & b;
assign y[2]= a | b,
assign y[3]= ~a ,
assign y[4]= ~(a & b),
assign y[5]= ~(a | b),
assign y[6]= a ^ b;
end module

• After the program is synthesized create a Test bench, load the input.
• Highlight the tbw file and click onto Modelsim Simulate behavioral model.
• Now click the waveform and zoom it to view the result.

Simulation result

all gates simulation results

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