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Analog devices Inc. amplifier is popular among RF industries.Analog devices has launched RF Amplifier recently.Analog devices amplifiers are used as gain modules for frequency range from 30 MHz to 6 GHz.

May 29, 2013
Analog devices,Inc.(ADI) launches new RF amplifier gain modules for frequency range from 30 MHz to 6 GHz. ADI is the leader in semiconductor solutions for signal processing and RF IC market.

The devices have excellent OIP3,P1dB noise figure over a wide range of frequencies. Model or part numbers of the devices are ADL5544,ADL5545,ADL5610 & ADL5611.

RF Amplifier specifications

Gain: 17.4dB(ADL5544),24.1dB(ADL5545),18.4dB(ADL5610),22.1dB(ADL5611)
OIP3: 34.9dBm(ADL5544),36.4dBm(ADL5545),38.4dBm(ADL5610),38.5dBm(ADL5611) AT 900MHz frequency
P1dB: 17.6dBm(ADL5544),18.1dBm(ADL5545),20.6dBm(ADL5610),21.0(ADL5611) AT 900 MHz frequency

About Analog Devices

The company Analog Devices manufactures semiconductor solutions and semiconductor products. Analog devices DDS and ADC chips are very popular across the world. The company manufactures sensors, switches, MEMS, clocking and timing devices, Amplifiers, RF microwave components etc.

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