Labview/Test and Measurement job Prospectus

The test and measurement domain is very vast and covers all the layers of OSI/TCPIP protocol stack. Various standard bodies such as IEEE/3GPP defines RF or protocol conformance documents to develop test cases useful to test the development under progress for various wireless devices/systems. These include mobile subscribers/UEs, base stations/NodeB/ENodeB, access point, routers, dongles,stations etc.

Test and Measurement related jobs are available in wireless and electronic industries across the globe. Test and measurement applications are developed in various programming languages such as C.C++,C#,.NET,VB, Visual C++ and Labview. Few of the test cases are also developed using test stand, perl,python etc scripting languages.

The applications can analyze or generate the packet or signal vector/matrix. They work either offline or in realtime with RF VSG/VSA. The applications are developed for performing conformance tests for RF/PHYSICAL layer validation as well as protocol stack testing.

The offline analyzer application require signal vector previously acquired or generated using generator application. Similarly offline generator application generates the signal vector which can be played with AWG and up converter to emulate realtime signal.

Unlike offline applications, online applications work along with DAQ card. The DAQ card houses AWG and RF up converter as part of RF VSG(Vector Signal Generator) module. The DAQ card also houses RF down converter and digitizer as part of RF Vector Signal Analyzer module.

Now-a-days test and measurement field is becoming challenging due to development of most advanced wireless standard/technology based products. The standards include WLAN ,WiMAX,Zigbee,LTE,LTE advanced etc. The test and measurement applications are targetted for pre-certification tests as well as manufacturing/automation tests.

To get a job in test and measurement domain one need to have good knowledge of scripting or programming languages. The candidate who have exposure to ATE manufacturing test case tool development will be an advantage for labview test and measurement jobs. The domain knowledge vary based on industry and the same can be gained on the job.

For labview related jobs certificate based training provided by National Instruments will be a plus. NI offers various certifications for engineers/managers.They are as follows:

• Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer
• Certified LabVIEW Developer
• Certified LabVIEW Architect
• Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer
• NI Teststand Certification
• LabWindows/CVI Certification

Skills desired:

• Knowledge of Production Test Hardware
• Hands on using test tools viz. spectrum analyzer, Network analyzer, oscilloscope, signal generator, vector signal analyzer
• Labview, test stand programming
• Basic knowledge of RF and DSP
• ATE Test System development a plus

Companies hiring for Labview/Test and Measurement job:

• National Instruments
• Tektronix
• Guzik
• VI Technologies
• Pricol Limited
• Qualcomm
• Schneider Electric
• MaxLinear, Inc.
• Robert Bosch
• Honeywell

Expected Salary Range:

Experience Payscale
Entry Level Rs. 178,175 to Rs. 1,753,992
Experienced Rs 326,000 - Rs 4,705,000


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