10 Electronics interview questions and answers

This page describes Electronics questionnaire written by specialists in Electronics domain. This top 10 Electronics interview questions and answers will help interviewee pass the job interview for Electronics position with ease.

This set of questions are very useful for passing interview for various electronics related job positions right from testing, design, installation etc. These questions are very useful as college viva questions also.

Question -1:What is the difference between BJT and FET? Explain each.
Answer -1: BJT is the short form of Bipolar Junction Transistor. FET is the short form of Field Effect Transistor. BJT is current controlled device while FET is voltage controlled device.
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Question -2: Explain function of zener diode and its one of the application used in electronic circuit.
Answer -2: Zener diode operates in reverse bias. It limits any voltage above its breakdown voltage. Hence it is widely used as voltage regulator in power supplies as well as other electronic circuits.
Refer Zener diode as voltage regulator➤

Question -3:Explain function of oscillator and mention different types of oscillators.
Answer -3: Oscillator is used as source of frequency generation. It is widely used in frequency synthesizer, scalar and vector signal generators etc. The types of oscillators include wein bridge, colpitts, clapps, crystal oscillators.
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Question -4:Draw the circuit of AM receiver and FM receiver and explain.
Answer -4: The receiver which rectifies and decodes Amplitude Modulated Signal is known as AM receiver. The receiver which rectifies and decodes Frequency Modulated Signal is known as FM receiver.
Refer AM receiver Vs FM receiver➤

Question -5: Explain function of multivibrator and mention types of multivibrators?
Answer -5: It is basically two stage RC coupled amplifier. The common multivibrators include astable, monostable, bi-stable.
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Question: What is the difference between SCR, DIAC, TRIAC, UJT and Junction Transistor?
Answer: Figure depicts symbol and structure of Triac,
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TRIAC Structure and Symbol

Question -6:Explain different logic gates and mention their truth table of operation.
Answer -6: The common logic gates used in digital electronics are AND, OR and EX-OR. The other logic gates are derived from these logic gates.
Refer AND vs NAND vs OR vs NOR➤ and EX-OR vs EX-NOR➤

Question -7: Explain internal architecture of 8051 microcontroller? Explain timers used in microcontroller and their functions.
Answer -7: Internal architecture of 8051 covers CPU, RAM, ROM, UART, ports and counters. The timers include Timer-0, Timer-1 and Timer-2. The timers are used to introduce delay as well as for baudrate generation purpose.
Refer 8051 microcontroller architecture➤ and Microcontroller timers➤

Question -8:Mention difference between RS232 and RS485.
Answer -8: Both are used as serial communication interface buses. RS232 is used for point to point connection and RS485 is used for point to multipoint connection.
Refer RS232 Vs RS485 interface types➤

Question -9: Explain Op-amplifier parameters and mention popular op-amp with its applications.
Answer -9: The common parameters of Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp) are voltage gain, input and output impedance, CMRR, Bandwidth, Slew Rate etc. It has many applications.
Refer Op-Amp basics and its parameters➤ and 741 Op-Amp Application note➤

Question -10: Explain the differenece between FIR filter and IIR filter.
Answer -10: FIR stands for Finite Impulse Response Filter and IIR stands for Infinite Impulse Response Filter.
Refer FIR Filter Vs IIR Filter➤

Above mentioned electronics interview questions and answers set is very useful for engineers appearing for interview in different job positions such as electronic engineer, electronics and communication engineer, design engineer, microcontroller hardware and software engineer etc. For microcontroller programming jobs, C programming concepts are also verified for the job selection. This set of questions are also useful for students preparing for college viva.

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