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This page describes MATLAB questionnaire written by specialists in MATLAB domain. This top 10 MATLAB interview questions and answers will help interviewee pass the job interview for MATLAB programmer job position with ease. These questions are very useful as college viva questions also.

Question -1: Mention type of operators used in MATLAB environment.
Answer -1: MATLAB supports relational, arithmatic, bitwise and logical operators.
Refer Answer-1➤ for these type of operators.

Question -2: Mention control flow statements supported in MATLAB.
Answer -2: Like C and other languages, MATLAB supports if statement, switch statement, for loop and while loop.
Refer Answer-2➤ for syntax of these control flow statements.

Question -3: What are MEX files in MATLAB.
Answer -3: Using MEX files which are C or C++ program, one can call them directly in MATLAB during runtime.

Question -4: What is the main difference between script and function in MATLAB?
Answer -4: Both have got same extension as (.m). Script file type in matlab consists of series of commands. They do not take any arguments neither they return any arguments or any values. Function is like any other programming language function. It takes arguments as well as returns arguments.

Question -5: Can Multi-dimensional arrays supported in MATLAB?
Answer -5: No, it do not support. It supports two-dimensional type of matrix. The option is option with programmer to write the function of their own to utilize multi-domensional array feature as per application of use.

Question -6: How one can save the matlab environment data into a matlab data file and call the same in any other matlab program whenever required?
Answer -6: MATLAB programmer can use 'save' and 'load' for doing the above.
Refer Answer-6➤.

Question -7: Which is the operator by which element to element multiplication can be done using MATLAB?
Answer -7: The operator is ".*". When two matrices 'A' and 'B' are required to be multiplied element by element, it can be written as follows: A .* B

Question -8: If one is appearing for Digital Signal Processing (DSP) position, he may often be asked "what is the difference between rand and randn" ?
Answer -8: The functions such as rand and randn used to model AWGN channel. The function 'randn' generates random numbers with normal distribution with mean value equal to zero and variance value of one. The function 'rand' generatea random numbers with uniform distribution. These are used in AWGN function of matlab.

Question -9: Mention function used for interpolation and decimation in MATLAB.
Answer -9:
Refer Interpolation matlab code➤ and Decimation matlab code➤.

Question -10: Mention function used for auto correlation and cross correlation in MATLAB.
Answer -10: Refer Answer-10➤.

This set of MATLAB interview questions and answers are useful for freshers and experienced level of job positions.

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